Thursday, December 16, 2010

i got it!

Lastly, I found it! I just got it in my parents closet drawers. So unique. Not too unique, but nice look. A few days ago, I have told you about this in my latest entry. Surely about the first camera-tracker kan? Haha. Sorry, I do not know what to call it. For sure, now i know it by name dslr. Long time ago call it anything I dont know. Whether it called dslr as well? Maybe yes, maybe not? Okay, no need to think long term. But most important, maybe they are cousins or siblings. Ngehaha :P

# this camera is already broken. Can not use. :(


Aifazillawati said...

kazen slr. haha :)

Daygku Nuraini. said...

hihi. iya ba. klu xpun makcik dia la mengkali.