Saturday, May 21, 2011

It was mencalar ke-suci-an lengan saya!

There's nothing interest actually. But, you must know that my hand was terkena iron hari tu, during iron my school uniform and father's clothes. Ohemjayyy! Macam mahu nangis. This is for first time after many years started ironing my own clothes. And i also do not know how the iron get my arm. I knew, my arm akan menjadi cela. Kejam! T.T

Saya tak tahu bila lengan saya kembali lawa licin halus like before. Ha-ha-ha. Kau ada? Non hado! He-he-he. Just pray lah kan? ;)

After a few minutes exposed to iron. Merah-merah, pedih time tu tahu. TT

2nd dayy. It was same, but a little bit hitam hitam. :D

See my arm. Ugly right? It was mencalar ke-suci-an lengan saya. :D 
This picture that i took last day.