Tuesday, June 07, 2011

kalau takut tutup mata tutup hidung. :P

Now at 2.52 am, i had after completing my homework. Alone. My beloved sister has been enjoying a good sleep after chatting on ym, a little wonderful expression on her face, so unique. A little bit tired kali kan? Ha-ha-ha. Finally i logged in my tumblr account, after do not log in for a long long time. :P That was because of i saw status update on my facebook's homepage. It was posted by someone empunya tumblr, yang kurang saya kenali. Sudden tergerak hati saya buka tumblr. Jealous kot? Ngehehe.

When loged in my account, i was shocked and a little bit scared bila nampak benda ni. Sampai terus mahu offline. Ha-ha-ha. But, i was lucky. I'm do not reach the level of 'penakut di dunia' yaa. Sebaliknya saya sempat update blog and show this thing. :)

Tangan siapa tu? Ba ba.

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